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“ Ms. Merat has an exceptional full lyric coloratura sound for such a young talent. Her stage deportment is instinctive, charming and a delight to watch. She moves with ease in any aria or song that she is portraying or interpreting, respectively. Ms. Merat is a truly dedicated young artist and performer. She brings the highest of professional standards to her art. ” 


- Sherry Overholt, Lyric Soprano

“ I believe Isabel to be a superb and unique talent. She has a mature, full bodied, rich and beautiful sound. For a young singer she is an intensely committed, intelligent, artistically responsible singer with a kindness, integrity and humility that are noteworthy. ” 


- Jennifer Grimaldi Toohey, Soprano



         -Feeling ” 

- Denyce Graves, Mezzo Soprano

“ Astonishing young Musetta. Worth keeping an eye on her ” 

 - Opera de Bordeaux

“ Working with and listening to Isabel’s voice is such a pleasure. Not only is she way ahead in her singing and technical abilities, but she’s also a lovely and humble young woman. She’s definitely the entire package.”


Nadine Sierra, Soprano 


“ Isabel Merat does what all great singers do: She doesn't sing notes, she sings feelings. And those feelings are growing in depth and breadth as she applies hard work, tenacity, and talent to make her dreams come true. May the stars align so that she is allowed to bring her unique and remarkable gifts to the world.”


    _Emmy Winner, Patrick Pacheco_


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